My career is my classroom

My story of expectations, redefined


It's beyond work at Grant Thornton

Before joining Grant Thornton, I thought I knew what working at a public accounting firm was all about — that I would be doing work I enjoy, but at the end of the day, I would just be a number on the team. But what stood out and surprised me from day one at Grant Thornton was the firm’s culture. Here, they care about serving clients and about you, and that’s had a huge impact on my professional growth in and outside of the firm.

I have people in my corner

When I first started out in my career, I didn’t feel supported in developing my leadership skills. But at Grant Thornton, firm leaders have been intentional in helping me grow, supporting my participation in leadership programs like ENCOUNTER Charlotte and the Emerging Business Leaders Program. Now, I apply the skills I’ve learned to mentor and coach individuals on my teams.


“Something I really appreciate about working here is that what's important to me is also important to the firm. Grant Thornton is committed to supporting me in my career journey because if I succeed, they succeed."

—    Nora Richmond

         Manager, Advisory Services


I’m encouraged to find balance

I started an executive PhD program this past fall, and Grant Thornton has supported me by encouraging the utilization of flexible working opportunities and flexible time off when I need to travel to classes. Because of these benefits, I'm able to continue doing the work I love at Grant Thornton, while pursuing my own interests and growing as a professional in new ways.


I’m paying it forward

I have always been passionate about being involved in business resource groups (BRGs), and upon joining Grant Thornton, I felt supported and encouraged to jump right in and continue that work as a leader in the Black Professionals & Allies BRG. As a Black woman in the accounting field, it’s important for me to help create a space for people who look like me to feel like they too can succeed in this industry.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Honour Honour
In 2023, I was honored to...
be named to the Charlotte Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, one of my most proud professional achievements to date.
Indoor Cycling Indoor Cycling
Living in Charlotte...
I love taking advantage of all the activities it has to offer, with proximity to both beaches and mountains. Lately, I've been enjoying indoor cycling classes.
Baking Baking
For a creative outlet...
I enjoy decorating and trying new recipes while cooking and baking.
Setting Boundaries Setting Boundaries
I bring my own self by...
setting boundaries. I don't have the Teams app on my phone, and I try not to email after hours. When we set boundaries outside of work, we can show up as our best, full selves at work.

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