The future of female leadership in life sciences


As more industries focus on gender parity in leadership, a talent shortage for women has emerged. Industries that historically attract women, such as life sciences, need to put a new focus on attracting and retaining talent. 


“It’s not just about having more women in your workplace, there needs to be intentionality around how you demonstrate the values you choose, and even an intentionality about the language that you use,” said Amy Flynn, global head of life sciences and principal at Grant Thornton.


To stay ahead of the curve, life sciences companies can encourage senior leaders to act as role models and better adapt to individual working styles. They should also continue to measure diversity and inclusion.


The Grant Thornton International’s Women in Business 2022 report surveyed 5000 business leaders across 15 industries. Find out more about the report’s insights into D&I and driving gender parity.




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