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Going public with confidence


Going public is complex. You need to focus on growth and operations while navigating legal, banking, audit and regulatory hurdles.

  • Are you ready for the reporting demands of a public company?
  • Will your growth strategy resonate with potential investors?
  • Will your tax strategy minimize value leakage?
  • Are your internal controls ready to be certified by management and auditors?
  • Are your incentive compensation plans properly aligned?
  • Can your IT infrastructure support your growth, reporting requirements and controls?

Getting any of it wrong isn’t an option. Getting all of it right takes experience. Grant Thornton has more than 50 years of Wall Street experience. Our capital markets team has collectively marketed, allocated and priced more than 1,000 equity offerings. And we’ve done it with an unrivalled reputation for responsive, intensely personal service. We’ll help you be ready with confidence. 




Public company assessment tool: Are you ready?

Our proprietary assessment tool helps you determine if you’re ready to go public. Are your accounting, compensation, controls, valuation and other practices prepared? Complete our tool for a quick assessment.


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