Streamline business planning with Anaplan


How we work with Anaplan


Grant Thornton bolsters the Anaplan cloud-native business planning platform with decades of experience and best practices that fuel faster and better decisions across the organization. 


Here’s how Grant Thornton and Anaplan work together to help companies break down siloed decision making and create proactive, dynamic and integrated planning:




Anaplan provides


  • Seamless integration of real-time performance signals, to quickly identify and understand patterns and trends to help you make decisions with confidence
  • A single source of truth to connect cross-functional plans to action and accountability, ending siloed work and lagging information
  • Synchronization of operational execution across the enterprise to tightly align resources, mitigate risks and leverage assets to the outermost edges of your systems




Grant Thornton provides


  • Expertise in supply chain operations and financial management to help you turn insights into to action
  • Expertise in technology-enabled transformation to help you focus on value creation, realization and protection
  • Industry-leading best practices and dynamic what-if scenario planning for reaching consensus and making decisions that accelerate your scalability and profitable growth
  • Agile delivery and program management focused on change enablement to ensure long-term adoption and sustainable value generation

Together, Grant Thornton and Anaplan can help you connect your enterprise-wide business planning functions and capabilities to accelerate performance and navigate today’s changing business landscape. It’s one of the strategic alliances that help Grant Thornton drive more value for our clients. 





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