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alyx makes it feel simple

alyx is a platform that puts the power of emerging tech into your hands, connecting real people with the right resources and latest tech. Developed by Grant Thornton teams, our ready solutions use the power of alyx to solve common risk, finance, tax or compliance needs with proven results.

Proven performance

Our solutions combine Grant Thornton knowledge and tested tech to achieve client-proven results.

Smarter tech

alyx is how we connect fresh approaches with essential, right-sized OCR, automation, blockchain and other technologies. So, you get solutions with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Real results

Our ready solutions can be implemented with maximum speed and minimal disruption, delivering results while you focus on your business.


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cta.x automates control testing while efficiently extracting insights and value, turning your traditional testing burden into a competitive edge.

Elevate control testing  -->




ptvault.x maps your property data to tax regulations. Then, it pairs the mapping with guidance from our property tax specialists, so you can efficiently manage tax compliance, exposure, valuation, administration and more.ctax 

Clarify property taxes  -->




SOC.X  is an essential part of streamlining your System and Organization Controls (SOC). Its automation capabilities and our “test once, apply many” approach help drive more efficient controls that we tailor to the attestation reports and certifications you need.

Streamline controls   -->




te.x is the simplest way to automate implementations and upgrades for your tax software. We use cloud capabilities and your business data to configure, test, document and automate implementations and upgrades, making them 3x faster.

Automate implementation  -->




qm.x is a customizable and scalable tool for efficient quality management. It combines the knowledge of our CPAs with automation, giving your team one place to drive consistent compliance for ISQM 1 and other standards.


Optimize quality management  -->





Change is hard. At an enterprise level, change is also complex, slow and unpredictable. Find out how empower.x helps you drive change success.


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alyx is a winner

When solutions work, people notice. We were honored when Accounting Today named us as one of the 10 Top firms for technology because of our work with alyx. We were also proud for alyx to be honored at the 2021 American Business Association’s Stevie® Awards, with a bronze in the Integration solution category for alyx and a silver in the Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution category for SOC.x.


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