Strategic Assurance & SOC Services

Adeptly meeting assurance and certification standards


Assessing effectiveness, building customers’ trust


Our assurance professionals assist organizations in building trust in their services by assessing needs and advising them on leading practices to satisfy compliance and reporting mandates, including System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports and other assurance services.


We use a “test once, apply many” approach and our leading-edge SOC services automation product — SOC.x — to drive efficiencies and enhance an organization’s compliance process. We can help you determine which attestation reports and/or certifications meet your needs.




How we can help you


Our teams perform engagements with a balance of experience, scale, innovation and skill and the highest levels of quality.


Drive efficiencies and enhance the compliance process

SOC.x, our industry-leading SOC services automation product, efficiently produces high-quality reports and provides enhanced responsiveness to our clients’ strategic needs, heightened focus on their risk areas and high-value recommendations for improvement.


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