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Blockchain, digital assets and Web3 offer a world of opportunities — but there is also uncertainty. The technology is evolving daily, yet regulations, controls and processes are lagging.  There is an imperative for organizations to adopt blockchain technology and digital assets, as well as understand the controls, accounting and regulatory risks that come with leveraging the technology. Whether you need assurance support through a world-class technology platform and best-practice audit methodology, tax guidance or assistance with the multitude of regulatory and operational issues arising from this arena, our professionals are ready to help you leverage your digital assets for future planning and growth. 



We deliver:

  • External financial statement audits for public and private organizations with cryptocurrency assets
  • Stablecoin reserve attestation and agreed-upon procedures engagements
  • Tools and procedures to record audit transactions onto the blockchain
  • SOC 1, 2 and 3 attestation reports
  • Tax compliance, structuring and tax optimization services
  • Multi-jurisdictional crypto-tax regulation guidance
  • M&A advisory services
  • Guidance to help you protect your cryptocurrency investments
  • Crypto-focused accounting policy reviews
  • Innovative approaches to long-lived challenges such as intercompany transfers, customer documentations, transfer pricing verification, indirect tax and more
  • Advanced blockchain analytics
  • Regulatory compliance and risk assessment support
  • Digital asset tracing & recovery
  • Internal audit and controls design
  • AML/BSA independent audits and other compliance solutions
  • Forensic investigations
  • Accounting advisory services
  • IPO readiness and SOX/ICFR support services
  • Insurance claims support
  • Cyber risk assessments
  • Expert testimony and services
  • Blockchain solution design and development services — from strategy to execution

Blockchain 101 for business: The benefits and risks

Once you understand the benefits, risks and guidelines for blockchain technology, you can outline a strategy that helps you achieve real business goals while mitigating potential issues.


Blockchain FAQ for business

Businesses are asking about blockchain technology, and we have brief answers to some of the most common questions. Find out what blockchain is, how it works, how you can use it, whether you should use it and more.


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