Sales of personal data


Grant Thornton has not sold the personal information of any “consumer” in the twelve (12) months preceding the effective date of this Privacy Statement. Grant Thornton does not sell your personal information for monetary consideration. However, some transfers of personal information are considered “sales” under applicable law even if monetary consideration is not involved. This may include the use of cookies. We use cookies and other technologies that allow us and third parties to collect certain personal information, such as device identifiers and page view information about visitors to the Site. This information is used for various purposes, including to provide you with customized content and experiences. We may also use your information to improve our platform and services. For example, we may use your account information to speed up sign-in or access to your favorite products and services. You can read more about our cookies use in our Privacy Statement. You can view a list of those cookies and opt out of use of non-essential cookies via this form here.


Please refer to our Privacy Statement for more information about Grant Thornton’s privacy policies.