2023 ESG Report: Beyond good business


At Grant Thornton, we’re committed to making business more personal and building trust into every result. We listen and respond to the needs and priorities of people — our clients, our teammates and everyone we serve across our communities — and we report on our commitments with transparency and accountability. That’s just good business.


We also believe in going beyond the expected. And we believe setting and reporting on our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and goals is an opportunity to use our position and resources to not just do good business — but to go beyond it. 


In our 2023 ESG Report, we're proud to highlight the ways in which our ESG initiatives are core to who we are as a firm and how focusing on these efforts help us go beyond good business. In this report, we share our ESG strategy, goals and aspirations, and initiatives and progress we’ve made in key areas, including climate action; diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I); support for our colleagues and their well-being; engagement with our communities; and other efforts to do business responsibly. We also share how we’ve continued supporting our clients with customized ESG services as they determine their response to increasing demands for sustainability information and establish their own ESG commitments and plans.


In 2024, Grant Thornton celebrates its 100th anniversary. We are proud of the progress we’ve made to protect our natural environment, support our people and communities, and act with integrity throughout all facets of our business. Between these efforts and our commitment to provide high-quality, personalized and integrated services to our clients, we look forward to the initiatives and progress that will help us continue to go beyond good business for the next 100 years.


Download our 2023 ESG Report and contact our Sustainability team to learn more.



In 2023, Grant Thornton obtained limited assurance from a third party for our calendar year 2019 baseline and calendar year 2022 greenhouse gas emissions inventories. Review our Independent Accountant’s Review Report to learn more.


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