Launch a career you love


At Grant Thornton, you’re invited to bring your own self and create a professional services career you truly love from day one. We support who you are—as you are—and empower you with the resources and experiences that set you up for success from the start.


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Here, your future is real


Forget sales pitches and stock photos because we’re not the kind of firm you’d expect—we’re more. Get to know the real Grant Thornton and discover what a career here is really like.


Growth programs


Our growth programs give you the opportunities and experience that help you discover the path that’s right for you. You’ll learn new skills, get real-world experience, work on case studies and more. Build relationships, get to know us and learn what it’s like to work in our industry—meeting and learning from business leaders and teammates from across the firm.




Whether it’s Audit & Assurance, Tax or Advisory, being a Grant Thornton intern means you’re part of the team from the start. No grunt work here. You’ll tackle real associate work and contribute meaningfully to what our firm achieves, gaining the skills, experiences and relationships to further your career.


Let your passions take you places


Be a solver


Our advisory teams help organizations of all sizes, industries and sectors take charge of their challenges. Bringing a breadth of backgrounds and specialties, we roll up our sleeves to work alongside our clients, delivering modern, tailored risk management, transaction support and business consulting solutions.

As an advisory intern, you’ll work alongside senior level partners to deliver tailored risk management, transaction support and business consulting solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. You’ll help transform businesses while building the foundation for a transformative career.

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Go behind the scenes


Our audit & assurance teams lead the industry for quality, but that’s just the beginning. We go beyond credits and debits, working with the latest technology and professionals from across our firm, our audit & assurance colleagues provide more than a quality audit—delivering tailored insights and the confidence our clients need to succeed.

As an audit & assurance intern, you’ll see inside some of the country’s most successful private, public and public sector organizations of every size. Add real-world experience with this range of exposure, and our interns are ready to succeed in their audit & assurance careers.

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Crack the code


Here, tax isn’t just number crunching. Our teams collaborate and innovate to solve problems, bringing together the right technology, people and resources for our clients. The result? Less complexity. More confidence.

As a tax intern, you’ll be an integral part in helping our clients navigate and succeed in the face of today’s ever-evolving tax laws and their implications. Get ready for new challenges and meaningful opportunities to contribute, learn and grow.

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