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We help our clients understand their business risks, and we assist in addressing risk in both proactive and responsive contexts. We deploy our diverse pool of controls professionals, compliance specialists, cybersecurity professionals and risk consultants with industry depth to meet the complex requirements of our client programs. We work with our clients to provide the optimal team and resource structure to accelerate program execution. We start with the benefits-realization objective to drive the most effective and value-enhancing engagement model for our clients.



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Our advisory teams tackle challenges alongside you, designing fresh solutions with a balance of scale, skill and service you’ll only find here.


Automate and enhance efficiencies with cta.x


cta.x takes control testing to a new level, making your risk management and compliance activities more data-driven, integrated and automated. It quickly pinpoints risks and provides dynamic context with data you can use to drive decisions. That improves efficiency and confidence in your control environment. And that’s why a growing number of organizations have used automation to get more value from their control testing — turning the old, expected burden into an unexpected competitive edge.


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GenAI takes risk advisory to higher levels


We have developed a Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tool designed to assist our risk advisors. This tool streamlines and enhances outcomes for common risk and compliance management activities, for example automating preliminary organization-wide gap analysis, automating generation of specific control walkthrough questions, and automating generation of specific control test procedures and associated evidence required to test. By augmenting our subject matter expertise, the tool empowers better quality outcomes while reducing time on task by up to 90%


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