Industry intersections

Workforce challenges through an industry lens


Solving workforce concerns


New technological capabilities and adjustments mandated by the pandemic have sparked a revolution in how work is performed. This created different problems for various industries, but also presented new opportunities. Leaders of four of Grant Thornton’s industry practices offer what they think industry leaders must know to ensure their organization’s success.



Tremendous pressures on the industry left gaping workforce holes. How must healthcare respond?

Hospitality and restaurants

Few industries had as severe a collapse and as strong a recovery. How have work expectations changed?


The post-pandemic boom was welcome, but how are economic pressures now shaping its workforce?

Transportation and distribution

The work is there, but how can the industry attract young workers when pay alone isn’t the answer?

Preparing you for 2024: A Weekly CPE Executive Forum
Aerial view of sunrise Aerial view of sunrise

Ensuring top talent for healthcare providers




Distressing trends have affected healthcare. Are solutions at hand?


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Maximizing hospitality industry talent retention




Restaurants and hotels are seeing business again. Will workers return, too?


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Sound strategies can address retail workforce issues




Success means tailoring solutions to all parts of the employee lifecycle.


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The fight to fill cabs in the trucking industry




Attracting new workers means thinking creatively about worker needs.


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More ideas to manage change


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