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December 9 - 15, 2024

Welcome to the

Grant Thornton Invitational

Two tours. One competition. Progress doesn’t stop here.

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Equal reward.
Equal shine.

From spiraling bands to a mobius disc, the Grant Thornton Invitational trophy is an expression of the tournament's vision: bringing the best of golf together to create a more inclusive and equal future for all.

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Tournament format

Round 1
Each player hits a tee shot and then the team selects the ball to be used for the next stroke. From there, both players hit their next shots from that spot. This process continues until the ball is holed.
Round 2
Each player on a team alternates hitting shots with the same ball until the ball is holed. One player tees off on the odd-numbered holes, and the other tees off on the even-numbered holes.
Round 3
Modified Four-Ball
Both players tee off, and then they switch balls for their second shots and play that same ball until it is holed. The lower score of the partners is then counted as the team score for the hole.
More than a
pair of tees
Progress doesn’t happen alone, or even on the first shot. It takes continually coming together — to play, to cheer, to empower — in order to build a bridge from what golf is to what golf can be. Because, together, we have the power to create a more equal and inclusive game for everyone. Our tees are a symbol of that vision. Spot them at the Grant Thornton Invitational and beyond.

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We got this


See highlights from the Discovery Golf clinic hosted by our Purple Paladin, the I GOT THIS Foundation, at the Grant Thornton Invitational. There, our ambassador, Jessica Korda, and co-founder, Amy Bockerstette, helped athletes with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities grow their skills and confidence to make the game their own.


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