Media seeks stability in 2024 following labor woes


Media and entertainment industries are still grappling with the aftermath of twin labor strikes which disrupted much of the industry in 2023. The advances in generative AI technology that led to these disputes has caused deep unrest over the future control of imagery, content and intellectual property in the industry. Though the strike settlements restarted operations, no one regards these issues as settled.


Grant Thornton Media & Entertainment Industry Leader Deborah Newman has been closely following industry trends and, in this podcast, discusses what she regards as the most important considerations media and entertainment leaders need to focus on in the coming year. Deborah discusses how interest in free ad-supported services is rising and how major streaming services are responding. Deborah also dives into how AI will be used in content creation even after the resolution of the labor strikes. Finally, Deborah will preview how she sees the coming year shaping up for industry M&A activity.


Find out what lies ahead for media and entertainment companies in 2024 in our latest industry series podcast.




Media & Entertainment industry: Top issues for 2024


What are the top issues that leaders need to keep in mind for 2024?


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Deborah Newman

Media and Entertainment, Industry leader, Grant Thornton



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