Paycheck Protection Program Loan value calculator

Plan and prepare from SBA PPP applications.


How the calculator works


The new SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), launched under the CARES Act, offers small businesses urgently needed liquidity during the pandemic on a first come, first serve basis. The PPP also now requires banks to quickly assess eligibility for these new loans as they work with customers in need.

Grant Thornton’s PPP Loan Value Calculator is a tool to assist banks and their customers in planning and preparing for loan applications. General business and payroll information is entered, and the tool calculates the PPP loan amount and provides the option to print the calculation for your records.     


Benefits of the calculator



Icons estimate Icons estimate
Estimate PPP loan amount
Help you estimate the PPP loan amount
Icon plan Icon plan
Ease of use
Simplifies the calculation and guides the user through an intuitive step-by-step process
Icon provide Icon provide
Provide additional backup
Provide additional calculation backup to include with your loan preparation information

Use of the calculator is free of charge


We understand that you or your borrowers may need support with the calculator itself, which we will provide for a nominal fee. We can also support you with other expertise you may need during this process. 


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Agreement and terms & conditions


Bankers or borrowers can contact our support line either by phone or email. There is a $25 charge per call that the Bank pays for each call to support the use of the PPP Calculator Tool.

You must accept the Loan Value Calculator Agreement and Terms and Conditions when submitting your request.


System requirements

  • Microsoft Excel on PC or Mac
  • Tablets running MS Windows (i.e. Microsoft Surface)