Automate tax processes and insights with Domo


How we work with Domo         


Grant Thornton listens to your needs and provides a combination of tax technical and automation knowledge to help Domo analytics give you time back in your schedule, better visibility into your data and accessible analytics tools for ongoing use and self-sufficiency.



Here’s how Grant Thornton and Domo work together to help companies analyze and act upon tax data insights:




Domo provides

  • A cloud-based business intelligence application that delivers multiple pre-built connectors for both on-premise data stored behind firewalls and data stored on the cloud to help you collect all your various sources of tax data
  • A drag-and-drop ETL interface that lets you prepare, blend and combine data from multiple sources together into your desired output all while maintaining a full audit trail
  • A data warehousing component that stores your raw data and final transformed data together in one location all while maintaining data governance
  • Capabilities to design live visualizations and dashboards that open up real-time metrics, available on any device
  • Interactive filtering so that you can quickly answer your business questions
  • Self-service analytics and dashboards that employees can use or embed into other websites or applications



Grant Thornton provides

  • Tax data transformation and analytics specialists who can identify the root cause of challenges, listen to your business objectives and help identify solutions
  • Analysts who can evaluate your potential returns on investment against solution costs
  • Technical tax specialists who help you accelerate and improve data preparation for tax deliverables, audit support, reports and presentations
  • Business specialists who can help your tax department fully leverage new self-service processes and tools.

Together, Grant Thornton and Domo help you analyze real-time tax data to find value and make better business decisions. It’s one of the strategic alliances that help Grant Thornton drive more value for our clients. 





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