Podcast: 3 principles for governance over AI


Boards can keep tech aligned with organizational principles


As organizations work purposefully to find ways to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), boards are working to provide appropriate governance over the implementation of this powerful technology.


In this podcast episode, Grant Thornton Chief Strategy Officer Chris Smith describes three principles that should be considered in governance over AI:

  • Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. There are numerous use cases for AI, but boards need to verify that the uses their organization chooses align with its principles.
  • Do no harm to your stakeholders. Watching out for the well-being of customers and employees will be an important part of the board’s role as AI gets integrated into the marketplace.
  • Trust but verify. It’s important for boards to ask questions to determine whether AI is operating in a manner that’s consistent with the board’s governance structures.


Listen to the podcast for a deep explanation on how boards can use familiar governance tactics to help their organization get the most out of this emerging and important technology.


16:42 | Transcript




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