Quality is not just a word. It is our word.


Quality is nonnegotiable. It is also a mission that is never accomplished. As Grant Thornton builds on our history and foundation of quality, we set the bar ever higher. Here’s how.


COVID: From chaos to constant improvement


When the pandemic required us to reimagine how audits are performed, we created agile, collaborative solutions that leverage new technologies and creative work environments to deliver on our promises to both our clients and our people — approaches that improved both our results and our peoples’ lives. The one constant? Quality first, quality always.


People: Growing leaders so we continue to lead


We rely on the resilience of our people to fuel our success. We’ve found new methods of experiential and virtual training to build our skillsets in real time — and share that knowledge with our clients. We’ve redoubled our DE&I efforts to build a workforce that reflects the strength and range of our national character. Our people are pushing us to lead on ESG so that the business world we support also helps nourish the society on which it depends.


Vision-driven tools


Technology is driving better, faster and more insightful audits. Using powerful technologies like our alyx platform, we work faster and smarter to deliver better information, better service and better value. But technology does not replace judgement. Instead, we use it to distill, synthesize and deliver the cumulative knowledge and ability of our professionals across every engagement every day.


A tradition of excellence, a future of commitment


We’ve built a culture of quality from day one, focusing on continuing improvement and imbedding a rigorous root-cause process. With every new trend, regulatory change and emerging risk, we respond, reaching beyond what’s required for the most effective responses executed through dependable, repeatable work products that our clients and constituencies can count on.

We never forget that the world relies on our word, and our word is based on the quality of our work. With every action on every engagement we focus on the quality it takes to deliver on that promise.




Technical insights


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