CFOs make a determined push for growth

Workforce and technology fuel the drive


Revenue and profit forecasts are optimistic


Finance leaders are gearing up to create growth, and Grant Thornton LLP's CFO survey for the second quarter of 2023 shows how they’re pursuing goals by prioritizing their staffs and technology.


What’s in the report?

  • Although CFOs' optimism about the U.S. economy has declined slightly compared with the previous quarter, optimists still outnumbered pessimists by more than two to one.
  • CFOs are bullish on their own organizations' prospects, as 68% expect revenue growth and 67% predict net profit growth over the next 12 months.
  • The percentage of finance leaders predicting potential layoffs declined to 27% from 40% the previous quarter, and the most popular areas for increased spending are cybersecurity and IT/digital transformation.
  • Cost optimization remains the top area of focus for finance leaders, and vendor or supplier costs is the top area for cost savings.

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